ConnectFor needs 4 artist volunteers to paint a slum centre in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Transform a slum community with beautiful artwork.

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What is ConnectFor?

In the simplest words, ConnectFor can be described as a digital volunteering platform. Founded by Shloka Mehta and Maniti Modi, ConnectFor is a one of a kind venture which allows you, an individual, to find NGOs to volunteer at, for a cause close to your heart. It also allows you, as an NGO, to find volunteers who genuinely feel for your cause – a win-win situation!

What’s the Volunteering Opportunity?

They are looking to beautify 15-20 homes in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park slum community. The slum dwellers are mainly adivaasis, from low income backgrounds. The work would entail sketching artworks on both the interior and exterior walls of the homes, according to a selected theme.

The artists would be required to complete three visits in total. The first would involve meeting with a ConnectFor representative in the park, to get a complete idea of the work required. The second visit would involve creating and sketching the artworks in the homes. The third visit would involve leading the volunteers on the event day on how to paint the homes, teaching them technique, colour combinations etc. All volunteers will receive participation certificates upon completion.

The event date is fixed for the 5th of October, from 9.30am till 3.30pm. Email [email protected] if you’re keen to take this forward, or check out ConnectFor on DyscoApp for more links to their social media handles, their website etc. You can also chat with them to discuss other opportunities too.

How can you participate?

Email [email protected] if you’re keen to take this forward or email us on [email protected]

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